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Our focus is to help children ground with confidence in their natural ways of being – in states of joy, creativity, freedom in their true expression. We believe that this will help prepare children not for world today, but one they already know to be possible.

We do this by enhancing their life experience by way of their learnings today, rather than waiting for the joy, freedom and aliveness to come about after school, or during the next vacation, or upon entering the workplace. They can feel safe here committing to full exploration of the present moment, which the pressures of having to focus on their future outcomes.

We feel that learning is an everyday process that takes place both within and outside of a formal learning environment. Our hope is that children see that learning through life, work and play can be seamless, and that changes, and new relationships are a part of this path. They naturally embrace challenges differently when they are taught to accept their natural evolution.

This playground also guides parents on how to create safe environments in which their children can blossom, by reconnecting to their own natural ways of being. We aim to decrease anxiety and overwhelm amongst families and with teachers, by increasing grounds of authentic expression and connection.

Developmental principles

This next generation will be the one reforming the systems. They need a strong individual and collective foundation that is oriented towards core human values and purpose.

Here we share key principles -

  1. 1

    Nurturing well-rounded humans who have regard for themselves and all living things on the planet. We support equality amongst all things

  2. 2

    Supporting their ability to be self leaders – changemakers of the future who don’t base their thinking on outdated templates of success and progress

  3. 3

    Humans who can rationally and creatively be supported in their authentic expression of joy

  4. 4

    Humans that ripple of love and kindness out, and are sensitized to age-related, cultural and emotional differences

  5. 5

    Humans that understand their gifts for the welfare of humanity


You may not quite feel ready to have your child go back to school under the current conditions. And that is totally ok. If you are feeling a bit uncertain, like most of us are, you have found the right place – less pressure to rush into it all right now, while having easy access to holistic guidance for your child, a true community they feel safe in, and a space to talk to many other parents and explore alternative learning options.

There has never been a better time to explore a new way!


The SOLO Journey

An Experience For Your Child

Have you been looking for a way that supports your child in their own rhythm? Do you feel that they have unique gifts and talents that are missed in the context of big classrooms?

It is completely normal to feel that packing lunch, rushing out of the home each morning is not optimal for the well being of you or your family. Sometimes, your child may have a stomach ache, needing to rest longer. You may be moving slower some morning as you are on your moon cycle or forgot to pre make meals over the weekends. This is how our bodies move naturally. They pause to listen and connect to emotions, and cycles of nature. They are not meant to function the same way each and every day.

This is why we have created a flexible and holistic framework for your child to enjoy!

Our diverse team of mentors are here to nurture the potential that already exists within your child.

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It also offers you an opportunity to continue exploring while things may be changing out in the world. You have the option to jump into a few days of active learning a week to supplement your current learning or to act as a support system for you.

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In the Children's Playground

We offer enrolment for one month, 3 months or 6 months!

Sessions work out to less than a cup of coffee each day!

Once signed up, please spread the word! Having more in this space allows us to bring more to you!

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The TANDEM Trek:

An Experience For You as a Parent or Educator, and Children.

This will give YOU and your child an opportunity share, and grow together. Imagine your child witnessing their parent being a life-long learner? How would it inspire them?

They would likely see learning very differently. Not as a chore as most of us saw it, but something that is desirable, or better yet, a privilege. Especially when done with others who cheer you on, rather than compete with you. The greatest gift we offer children is to model the values and behaviours we wish to see in them. And being a student in the school we call LIFE is certainly one of them!

Through this unlearning process, you, as a parent or educator, will find ways to connect more deeply with your child(ren) more deeply by moving through your own self inquiry. Where am I holding back? Where has the conditioning from my own upbringing getting into the way of me fully seeing the potential of the child before me? How can I let myself be more open and freer to new ways, and not take everything so seriously?

Through this, you will have access to an exclusive parenting forum, in which we will help you:

  • Make learning in the household natural, without the pressures of being a ‘perfect’ parent or overscheduling your child
  • Have a diverse, supportive group of teachers and community around you, to remind you that you are not alone
  • Have a piece of mind in knowing that you are the right parent for your child, and that you are doing just great

Option 1: The Balancing Act – a 4-week experience focused on reclaiming balance in your life. This is an invitation to ditch the long days, rushed drop offs and the chronic exhaustion.

BONUS: With an enrollment in The Balancing Act, you will receive 3 complimentary months of learning through the virtual playground for one child!

The Balancing Act

Option 2: The ReConnection Project – a 6-month deep dive into creating a new foundation of beliefs for you and your legacy, with 6 months extra bonus support after! This program is a blend of therapeutic facilitation, parenting coaching and energetic healing. This is an opportunity to detoxify your body and mind from years of conditioning, so you can create an environment and a lasting connection with your child to have them thrive. This is all done without having to leave your own home!

This program is by application only. Apply today!

BONUS: With an enrollment in The ReConnection Project, you will receive 6 free months for up to 2 children (if you do not have any of your own, you can gift this to students you know!)

The Reconnection Project

Dive in Now!

Accessibility. Flexibility. And Ease

We all need a village at our fingertips. Those to see us. Hold us. Love us. Wherever we may find ourselves. Consistently and without fail.We need to walk this authentic parenting journey together, so we can support one another in nurturing safe environments for growth. And children need to know they are more than enough as they are. Though all of their ebbs and flow.



Traditional teaching methods are not aligned with emerging cognitive and emotional research. With rapidly escalating anxiety and depression rates in our youth, we understand the need for new ways of support and learning to be introduced.

This is not a regular learning space, but rather one that supports a balanced perspective on supporting the beautiful spirit of children as they are, and preparing the child for a world that does not yet exist. We are here to create a bridge into the unknown together, yet encourage you to consider alternative options if you are focused on your child’s academic performance. The mental and emotional well-being of the child remains our first priority, as we believe that this is the essential foundation to developing with ease and fulfillment, rather than through struggle.