The Playground of Life

A place to land and feel supported to reclaim joy, curiosity and your authentic nature during these times of change.

A village that nurtures the full potential of future generations, together.

Playground pricing starts from less than dollar a day!



The Playground Of Life

33 CAD /month

This is our exclusive intro price only for first 100 families with one child


Rachel | Vancouver, Canada

Kind and conscientious are two of the first words that come to mind when I think of Ashley.

She puts deep care into everything she does, and she chooses to be present. Ashley is curious and humble, always seeking the lesson, listening deeply, honouring all perspectives, and finding ways to make things better for the collective. Ashley lovingly holds space for both adults and children to have their own experience, and this is the freedom I believe we all want. She is in her Dharma, in service to humanity, rooting all she does in so much love.

Michelle | White Rock, Canada

Ashley speaks from her heart.She is truly gifted in her writing and teaching. Her insight resonates with my inner being so much. I am so excited to see where this experience and community will take us. I am so thankful Ashley is speaking out about something that is so very important. May this help parenthood evolve into what is meant to be.